Create by Anjani

There is nothing left

Starve, no money, and no god.
She spent all life been thinking how everyone around her feeling so nice. Without knowing how her actually felt before. falling down. Crawling, struggling all by herself. Seen you guys had a family, friends, best-friend, gf-bf, even enemy. Made her jeaolus of the way you happy. Peace on your place in work. Stands still. Relax in the way you have to feeling sad. All trouble that you have with no god, she just emptyness. She just nothing in her eyes. They usually broked her mind. Killing her softly. With no mercy but, there is nothing have to do anymore. Because there is nothing left.

Did she bothered your attention? she ruined your life? Didn’t she? Be honest is so hard than lie.

I don’t wanna be you anymore

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